Panda vs Total AV 2019

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Which AntiVirus is better?

Eric C.

Eric C. Copywriter o počítačové bezpečnosti, fintechu a průmyslu kryptoměn

Panda and Total AV have near-perfect malware detection rates, however, their features vary drastically. While some features are offered from both developers, they each use their own methods for providing optimum security.

Panda caught 100% of the malware we tested on it, but it did have an issue with false positives. It’s frustrating if your important files are quarantined. The software covers a lot of cyberthreats—even ransomware—and offers external hardware scans and WiFi protection that alerts you about unsecured networks. You also get a firewall, free VPN, parental controls, a virtual keyboard to avoid keyloggers when entering login credentials, and a data shield that protects specific file extensions from attack. There are even tools in case of physical theft; the ‘find my device’ tool locates it remotely and the software will take a photo from the front camera after three failed log-in attempts.

Total AV also offers a firewall, with the added bonus that you can control it remotely. You also get a VPN, a password manager, and an adblocker. It optimizes your computer for increased speed with a disk cleaner that deletes unnecessary files and the ability to enhance your device settings for the highest security possible. An included web extension protects users from phishing attempts, but it’s only about 90% accurate. The included antivirus ebook makes it easy for beginners to look up different threats.

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Eric C.

Eric C. Copywriter o počítačové bezpečnosti, fintechu a průmyslu kryptoměn

While Panda has a generally higher success rate, its extra features could slow down your computer. However, if you regularly download, stream or edit videos and music, you might prefer Total AV’s built-in speed optimization features.

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